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Weekly Update


Hey leaders! Short and sweet today:


Just wanted to remind you about our Connect meeting, coming up this Sunday, December 3rd. We’ll meet at the 11:00 hour in the Swenson house and talk about important matters – and I’ll even have a Christmas gift for you! I’ll look forward to seeing you there!


Remember with Christmas coming, this is a great time to invite people from your group to be extra “on mission,” inviting others in their workplaces, neighborhoods, etc. to our Christmas Eve services!

And if you’d like to help make our Christmas Eve services happen, one of the greatest roles you could play would be helping greet and be hospitable for people, as a one-time Connections volunteer! Four services and accommodating hundreds of people really will take quite a few of us, so if you’d like to “attend one, serve one,” check out this link to sign up to serve:


Thank you for your fantastic leadership!

Scott DeSanders // Pastor of Discipleship