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Weekly Update


Hello, Life Group Leaders! Hope you’re enjoying the start to summer, and welcome officially into the month of June! Here’s some simple updates you need to know right about now:


1) We really could use your help with Summerfest, which will be Friday evening, June 23rd. We invite Life Groups to participate by “owning” a booth / table with a game to play or a snack to serve. Would you consider claiming one of these for your group? There are three spots left! (Note: the dunk tank does NOT need people inside, we have pastors lined up for that, just people to facilitate the game) If you own an activity as a group, you can divide up the evening amongst group members with a rotation, that way everyone can serve as well as play. Sign up HERE. We need to finalize these by June 9th, so if you’re thinking about it, there’s a deadline for you. Thanks!


2) And this Sunday evening is Concert of Prayer at 5:00pm at Parkway. Come join us as we pray through the various elements of the Great Adventure and worship together! There will be a space and place at the table for you and anyone in your groups!


3) If you’re taking a pause this summer, it’s the perfect time to get serious with discussions around Multiplication. Fall is coming, and back-to-school-season is often a prime time when new guests join the church and are looking for community. Would you prayerfully consider having some Multiplication-oriented conversations this summer? For example, chatting with some potential apprentices about next season utilizing them more as co-leaders to prepare them for future group leadership. Or setting some goals on the calendar to move toward a multiplied state of two daughter groups. Thanks y’all! We need it!


Thank you for your incredible role as leaders! You are very loved and appreciated!

Scott DeSanders // Pastor of Discipleship