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Weekly Update


Happy Memorial Day weekend, Life Group Leaders! We sure do appreciate you!


Remember, this month we will NOT have a Connect meeting. May is a tricky month and there’s a lot going on, so take a break and we’ll reconvene later in June/July. If there’s anything you need, though, you know where to reach us!


If there’s anyone new to your group from the past couple of months, please help them understand the invite to Discover Parkway for the month of June – our class will run at the 11:00 hour June 2nd and 9th, and we’d love to help them feel more comfortable at the church!


And don’t forget, this Summer we have really strong opportunities ahead of us with the Great Adventure to be extra missional, not just individually but also as groups. You could choose as a group to support a host home for Kids Clubs & everyone in the group can help make it an awesome location. Or you could decide to all go in as drivers for Boot Camp or Clubs and share stories of seeing Jesus at work. Or you could help Summerfest, where traditionally our Life Groups adopt a booth and helps run a game for kiddos. We still need representation and facilitation from 4 groups. Would you look at this and consider jumping in as a group?


Thanks leaders, lots of love to you!

Scott DeSanders // Pastor of Discipleship