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Weekly Update


Hello Life Group Leaders, I hope you’re having a great week!

Here’s some important updates for the week for you:


1) Remember our Men’s Retreat is coming up soon (Feb. 24-26), so if anyone from your group would benefit from this awesome time together, would you point them toward the signup HERE? Imagine men from Life Groups inviting each other to come together! I’ll be there, so let’s hang out.


2) We wanted you to know that this year and moving forward, Parkway will not be officially organizing a Family Campout for a handful of reasons. I can help walk through this with you individually if you have questions. However, we absolutely support and cheer on any individuals or Life Groups that want to band together and organize a coordinated weekend for a campout. We appreciate your understanding!


3) Remember, each week’s Ephesians guide is available on the Life Groups Leaders web page. If you’re viewing this online, hit the orange button above to go back a page to the broader Leader Resources, and you can’t miss the Group Study Guide button towards the top. Otherwise, you can go to to find the link there. In addition to this, I’ll keep sending it out each week to your inboxes.


We are so thankful for your leadership! Thanks for everything you do!

Scott DeSanders // Pastor of Discipleship