Pkwy Institute

Pursuing the mission & vision

The Pkwy Institute exists as a hub to provide training, equipping, and resourcing for the people of Parkway Bible Church, serving as a catalyst for multiplying disciples as we pursue our mission and vision.

Our Mission: Together, leading people to multiply genuine life in Christ

Our Vision: To reach every man, woman, and child in greater Austin and beyond with the gospel of Jesus Christ

Why does the Pkwy Institute exist?

Because one of our highest values is to learn continually, we see opportunity for all people of Parkway – of all ages and stages of life and leadership –  to come together for intentional growth, learning, and sharpening of skills. As we pursue genuine life in Christ together, we’re here to help you dig deep to grow…

01 In the Word

How to study the Bible for yourself, theology & doctrines

02 In the Family

Marriage and parenting seminars, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, and Emotionally Healthy Relationships

03 In the Trenches

Your unique wiring and gifts, ministry leadership training

04 In the Field

Evangelism and missional living, global outreach training

01 Seminars

Concentrated learning in a single session or weekend

02 Courses

Weekly classes with large group teaching and small group discussion

03 Cohorts

Consistently meeting groups that also break out in smaller settings to put skills into practice between meetings