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Encounters With Jesus

Imagine if our whole community was talking about the person and acts of Jesus…

We’re excited for the community of Parkway to participate together in a church-wide conversation about Jesus launching at Easter and continuing for the next month. Join us as we watch together in groups selected episodes of the critically-acclaimed show The Chosen, followed with brief & casual conversations on what we saw & experienced. And our Sunday messages across this month will further unpack the Scriptural text of the story. This will be an excellent opportunity to engage more of our community – our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and beyond.

The Easter season is an opportune time to engage with those around us about what we think and feel about Jesus. And utilizing the disarming and excellent storytelling of The Chosen can set the table for intentional conversations. We will kick things off with our Easter message on Sunday, March 31, with groups beginning that following week. Each episode viewing will be paired with the accompanying message the following Sunday, concluding Sunday, April 28. Who will you invite to watch with you?

I have some questions about hosting a group…

The series will begin on Easter Sunday, March 31 and continue on through Sunday, April 28th. Groups will watch the episode during the week and then hear the corresponding message the following Sunday morning at Parkway.

All you need to do is have a space to watch the episode and intentionally and strategically invite others to watch each episode with you! Even if only one or two others join you, don’t be discouraged – it’s still a worthy investment! This is not an ongoing commitment or an officially newly launched Pkwy Life Group – it can end when the series concludes. But if you feel led to keep the momentum going, reach out to our Discipleship & Connections pastor, Scott DeSanders, to talk through continuing investing in that community.

We would encourage you – whether you’re joining in with a Pkwy Life Group or hosting a discussion – to strategically think and pray through who you could invite into the conversation. Who’s a neighbor or coworker or friend in your regular circles of influence who might be hesitant about religion or church, but would be willing to come into your home or meet up somewhere with a small group of people to watch an engaging show that might spark some spiritual conversations? We believe there’s great potential for these environments to break down walls and barriers!

We have listed all of the corresponding episodes on this page that take you directly to The Chosen‘s website. Whether you’re watching from a laptop, tablet, or phone, just plan ahead of how you will connect that device to a screen – whether through casting your device onto the smart screen, or wiring directly with an HDMI cable. Episodes are also available on YouTube (with ads). We aren’t providing definitive step-by-step instructions because of the many combinations of devices and TVs. If you have questions or concerns about dealing with the technology, feel free to contact us for assistance – and we will help you out!

I want to host a discussion!

I’m ready to help launch a group and welcome others into the conversation.